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Traveling can be a very enjoyable experience. Getting away from everything for a few weeks or even crossing the globe to conduct business can be an exciting adventure, if planned correctly..

If you are traveling out of the country on vacation or business and a medical emergency arises, what would you do? What if you had to go to the hospital or needed extensive medical treatments? Most health insurance providers only offer limited coverage for a small percentage of medical expenses incurred out of the country. Maybe, you’re flying out of the country to meet with a new prospective client and, when you arrive at the airport, you find your connecting flight has been canceled. Perhaps, your rental car driving is hit from behind. What would you do? Even if your situation was not so dire and you were faced with a personal emergency like a lost suitcase at the airport, it could still result in some very costly, unexpected expenses.

Fortunately, All Line Insurance Brokers can  arrange for a travel and emergency medical insurance coverages that will protect your self and your financial security . Let your vacation or business trip be stress-free knowing you are covered for whatever happens on your trip by speaking with your All Line Insurance Broker to discuss your needs and options.

All Line Insurance Travel Coverage is available for:

  • Emergency Travel Medical
  • Visitors’ Emergency Medical
  • Student Medical
  • Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption
  • Baggage
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Rental Car Protection

All Line Insurance Brokers are committed to helping customers find the right insurance coverage for their needs at the best price possible. Call today and speak to one of the well qualified All Line Insurance professionals at 519-250-0269.

Note: Coverage may be subject to policy wording, terms, conditions & deductibles. Protections offered through these policies may be limited to the peril, coverage, exclusions, limits etc. as shown on the policy.

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